Tough day but friends made it all better!

Happy Birthday Kathy!

September 10, 2011


Before I begin anything a big Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful, amazing best friend and roommate, Kathy!  She is pictured above!  Have an amazing time tonight and wishing you the most wonderful year ahead.


It is too early to be awake on a Saturday morning but I am already getting my IV at the MS center.  I seriously feel like hell from 3 days of these IV treatments.  My body physically feels like it is shutting down and I am just so exhausted. Right now I have my IV in my wrist because I literally have no veins left after the pat two days. It is actually very painful to type right now but I will be done soon enough.  Susie is meeting me here to keep me company soon and I cant wait to see her.  I love my friends so much and I am so thankful for them each and every day.  I had another hard night trying to sleep last night and I just feel like such crap.  My memory is getting pretty bad again but I think it may just be from not sleeping enough from the medication. It is

Susie and Courtney both met me at my treatment today.  I have been dealing with a lot of doctors appointments by myself

girls hard at work!

alot lately and it was so nice to have my friends there supporting me today.  When we got back to my apartment, we had a nice breakfast together and the two of them spent the entire day unpacking and organizing my room for me.  I honestly have the best friends in the entire world and I don’t know where I would be without my friends.  Sadly I am too exhausted to go out for Kathy and Sommers birthday tonight because I am too weak and tired.  I know I must rest and take it easy and this is listening to my body and doing what I need to do to take care of myself.

Last week I was interviewed for the blog,  below is the post that went up on his site today!  Enjoy!  I am staying home tonight to rest in my newly cleaned apartment and room.  I have candles lit and soft music on. Thanks for reading and feel free to share any comments below!





Interview with Stephanie J. Abrams of EarthLaughsInFlowers.Com


I recently mentioned EarthLaughsInFlowers.Com in the article,9 Cool Blogs I Love Reading. I’m honored that the author, Stephanie J. Abrams, was kind enough to put the time and effort into doing an interview for MikeVeny.Com.

MV: What inspired you to start blogging?

SA: I was inspired to start blogging after I was diagnosed withMultiple Sclerosis.  I have always been a very positive person but I wanted to be able to take my positive attitude on life and this illness and share it with others.  Also, I know that committing myself to writing each day would be very therapeutic for myself, as I am able to reflect each day on what is happening with my life, my health, and my personal relationships.

MV: How has your diagnosis with MS affected your life?

SA: My diagnosis with MS has honestly only enhanced my positive outlook on life.  I know this is just another bump in the road but I am appreciating each day much more than I used to.  I have realized who my true friends are and most importantly, how strong I am as a person.  I am a fighter and I won’t give up.  It has been frustrating having to go to so many doctor appointments and feeling like every other day I have something else wrong with me, but I am thankful that I have very good doctors and I live in a city where I have access to the best medical care.

MV: What advice would you give to someone facing the same challenges?

SA: The advice I would give to someone facing the same challenges as myself would be to stay strong, surround yourself with positive people and to try to be grateful for the little things each day.  There are so many great medical treatments for MS now that there were not 15 years ago and the best think you can do is to be proactive about your health.  Also, take vitamins!

MV: I saw on Facebook that you are one of the founders of a marketing company. Can you tell me more about that?

SA: Sure!  I started a social media marketing company about 2 years ago.  Right now I consult for several start up companies by creating and implementing their social media strategies.  I have only been using social media to spread the word about my blog which shows the power and reach of social media.

MV: You recently moved from Astoria, Queens to Manhattan.
Which do you like better and why?

SA: Living in either place has its pros and cons, as does everything in life, right!  I am happy to be back in Manhattan because it is more convenient for me for work and doctor appointments!

MV: What are some of your long term goals?

SA: I have many goals for my life ahead.  First, as for my personal life, I want to get married and have a family.  This is something I have always wanted for myself and the way I picture my life.  Of course when I was first diagnosed I was scared that no one would love me with MS but I have since realized that this is not true.  Everyone has been so accepting and caring.  I am actually seeing someone right now who has been so supportive of everything I have been going through and it is so amazing to know there are great guys out there who will understand.  Professionally, I eventually see myself as a motivational speaker.  I want to be able to inspire people to live a positive life and never to give up, even with bumps and perhaps big bumps throughout life.

MV: Finally, the most important question,
what are your top 3 favorite restaurants in New York City?

This is a hard one to only pick 3 restaurants but I will go with the following:
1. Gracies Trattoria
2. Cafe Joul
3. Rue 57





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