Spring What?

March 26, 2012


I really thought we were in the clear and that spring was officially here.  Anyone who lives in NYC knows that we are not experiencing anything close to spring weather here. It is sad and unfortunate as I pretty much only feel great when the sun is shining!  I did not dress accordingly today and the wind is officially howling out my window right now. This is sooo not okay! I really start to question why I live here as I am so against cold weather.  Fingers crossed after this week it will start to warm up!  I decided to skip out on the gym tonight and am waiting for Kathy to get home so we can go get pedicures and eat some dinner followed by The Voice (dvr’d without commercials).  I really needed a night to just come home and relax. I always push and push myself to do more but I have learned when I just need to rest.  It is nice that my week ahead is not too busy…yet! I know I need to be sure I get enough sleep and take care of myself. That is the most important thing right now. I hope everyone had a wonderful start to their week! Here’s to hoping it warms up!



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