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Earth Laughs In Flowers

I recently came across the quote “Earth Laughs In Flowers” and it immediately resonated with me. While people may have their own interpretation of what this may mean to them, I was only able to see this quote in a positive light. In life, each person can choose how to live his or her life.

There are always going to be bumps in the road as I have learned first hand, but we have a choice about whether to laugh about these challenges or to cry over them. The way I see it is every time someone laughs a flower on earth blooms.

If we can all try to turn sadness in to laughter, we would have a world filled with gorgeous flowers– now wouldn’t we! I have learned it is important to live in the moment and to take each day as it comes. We cannot always plan out what is ahead but if we keep laughing and smiling, the earth will be a much more beautiful place for everyone.

Coping with a new medical diagnosis can be a life-changing experience. It’s so important that we keep a positive attitude and connect with others in similar situations to help each other navigate one of the most difficult challenges we can encounter in life.  The emotional, physical, financial and social implications of a new diagnosis can be hard for others to understand and the world of social media has given us the opportunity to reach each others in ways that weren’t possible before.

I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 27, and was immediately faced with the pressure of making so many important decisions at once. With decisions about work, doctors and my social life, I wanted to make sure that I kept a positive attitude while also helping others stay positive about their diagnosis – in any disease state.  Because of this, I’ve dedicated much of my time the past few months to Earth Laughs in Flowers, and while blogs are popping up so often, I want this to be more than just a blog, but a channel by which I can positively influence another persons life.

I want to reach that person whose diagnosis may have left them in the dark or even touch someone just enough that they realize they don’t have to go through their journey alone.  I’ll be funny, I’ll be serious, but EarthLaughsinFlowers will be a daily log of my experience with my diagnosis and even just my life at 27 – something anyone my age can relate to.

I can only ask that if you believe in this, or have had experiences like this yourself, share links to my Facebook page, Twitter handle @stephjillabrams or EarthLaughsinFlowers.com with your readers to help me reach people on whatever platforms they’re comfortable with.

I hope that with my hands reaching into the wide world of social media, I can really help to spread an uplifting voice of inspiration and be there for those who are in need.

Thanks for your reading and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!